5 Steps For Setting Up A Scrap Metal Recycling Program In Your Workplace

Whether you're a restaurant collecting hundreds of drink cans a day in your trash cans or a steel fabrication firm, you can reclaim a surprising amount of money by recycling your scrap metal. Of course, recycling useful construction and manufacturing waste also helps the environment as well as your bottom line. Improve your workplace's waste management efficiency without stressing your employees by setting up a complete scrap metal reclaiming system. Talk to Accounting Read More 

Why You Should Use Paper As A Purge Barrier In Pipe Welding

Welding sections of pipe is challenging for many reasons, not least of which is the limited access available to interior pipe weld joints for cleaning. In field welding, especially, it is often physically impossible to access welds inside of joined pipe, and that means that joint cleanup efforts will be limited to chemical methods. However, there is another way to go about ensuring clean, strong joints, and that is by preventing the need to clean pipe joints altogether. Read More