6 Reasons To Redesign Your Parking Lot Around New LED Lights

Tired of spending too much of your monthly operating budget on electricity costs and new bulbs for your parking lot lights? Meet local safety codes while spending a lot less on illumination by hiring an electrical construction crew to retrofit your current fixtures or replace them entirely for a new look too. You'll notice these six benefits within the first few months with your new LED parking lot lights.

Reduced Energy Costs

As a retail business owner, you have likely heard dozens of sales pitches that claimed to save you money through energy efficiency. The LED lamps for parking lot lights really live up to the hype. Using the right fixtures could cut your outdoor lighting costs by as much as 90%, depending on the age and inefficiency of your current lights.

Better Colors

Full color banners, parking lot signs, and custom exterior paint jobs can't impress customers when it is too dark to see the details. The balanced color of true white and daylight LED lamps show off your carefully designed landscape no matter how late it gets. Bright white light also makes it easier for customers to get around obstacles in the parking lot without getting injured or causing an accident.

Brighter Lights

Did you stick with lower wattage bulbs during your last light upgrade because of limits placed by the electrician handling the installation? By converting to LEDs that use only a fraction of the power drawn by incandescent, mercury vapor, and metal halide bulbs, you can install lights producing more lumens while drawing less power. Get the equivalent of hundreds of more watts without overloading the wiring or equipment.

Fewer Service Visits

Even the most carefully designed and implemented electrical construction systems can fail in conditions with high humidity or extra bug pressure. LED lamps last longer due to the sealed construction and simplified design. Light emitting diodes don't rely on filaments that break or burn out.

Divide the design consultation and retrofitting costs from an experienced industrial electrician by your lamp replacement and maintenance costs over the past few years. The very best lamps can last up to 20 years or 100,000 hours. Imagine enjoying years of bright and even parking lot illumination with practically no hassle for years at a time.

Quicker Installations

When switching from a low to high wattage lamp, you can end up going over budget because the retrofitting requires extensive rewiring. Since LED parking lot lights use less electricity than any other design for outdoor use aside from self-charging solar units, there is rarely any need to change the wiring to the existing light poles unless it is damaged. The electrical contractors can simply swap out the lamps and make an immediate impact on your monthly electricity bills.

Fewer Safety Risks

LED parking lot lights reduce safety risks in two different ways. First, the brighter and more consistent lighting discourages crime in the parking lot. The construction of the LED also protects customers and workers alike from hazards like

  • Powdered mercury from CFL lamps that break
  • UV emissions released when mercury vapor bulbs shatter and don't switch off automatically
  • Fire hazards from halogen, incandescent, and metal halide lamps overheating

Even if a plastic or glass case around an LED outdoor light breaks, there is no gas or heavy metals released. The diodes also stay cool during extended operation to eliminate fire hazards.

Of course, a complete retrofitting of a parking lot's worth of lights requires the help of an experience electrical construction crew. Have a team member inspect your current wiring and equipment for damage before getting a quote for the installation so you know what repairs are necessary to bring your entire outdoor lighting system up to local code.