Dumpster Security Tips: Why They Matter And How To Use Them

Renting a dumpster is an easy way to manage all of your company's waste materials in one place. When you work with a dumpster rental company that also hauls everything away, it's even more convenient. Unfortunately, many business owners overlook the importance of securing their dumpster, and it puts the business and the employees at risk. Here is a look at some of the primary reasons you'll want to put a lock on your dumpster and some other recommendations to secure your waste containers.

Reasons to Secure Your Dumpster

Securing your dumpster area ensures that your staff have the only access. There are several reasons why this is important.

  • Prevents Unapproved Dumping – Commercial dumpsters are often a target for residential neighbors who may have forgotten to put the trash out on pickup day. Unfortunately, this often means that you have no control over what's in the dumpster. If your dumpster rental company is strict about recyclables or you have a neighbor who is into illegal activities, you could quickly compromise your business. Not to mention, most dumpster rental services charge by weight, so your company would actually be paying to dispose of your neighbor's trash.
  • Discourages Vandalism and Theft – When your commercial dumpster is left unlocked and accessible, it makes it a prime target for theft. People will dig through dumpsters in search of scrap metal that they can sell, any reusable items or things of value. Some of these things are taken to keep and put to use, while others may be taken to sell for cash. This can be dangerous behavior, and it could leave your company liable in the event that the individual was hurt on your property. Additionally, if there is criminal activity in your area, your dumpster may be the target of vandals. Damage to the dumpster could cost you significantly in repair or replacement costs.
  • Deters Identity Theft – Most commercial dumpsters contain pieces of mail and even some old business records. Sometimes, the documents you thought were safe in your dumpster fall into the hands of an identity thief. These individuals target accessible dumpsters for the sole purpose of finding credit card numbers, cancelled checks and identifying information. Nearly 17 million people were victims in 2012. The more you can do to protect your employees and your clients, the lower their risk will be.
  • Obstructs Wildlife Access – If you live in an area where raccoons, rodents and other forms of wildlife are of particular concern, securing your company's dumpster area may help you to prevent them from gaining access. This is more important than you'd think, because most of these pests not only make a terrible mess of your dumpster, but can also carry diseases that could make you or your employees ill. The more secure your dumpster area is, the less inviting it will be to these pests who are looking for easy access to food.

Tips for Added Security

In addition to your basic dumpster lock, there are a few other things that you can do to make your dumpster area less inviting and more difficult to access.

  • Consider a Gravity Lock – Instead of the standard bar lock that you can rent for your dumpster, talk with the dumpster rental company about a gravity lock. These locks are designed to force the dumpster closed and then engage the lock. This prevents someone from accidentally leaving the dumpster open.
  • Mark The Area Clearly – Invest in signs or stickers that clearly label the dumpster as private. When you have signs that show that you're serious about unauthorized use, many people will look elsewhere for both dumping and stealing.
  • Fence it In – Creating a tall, solid fence around your dumpster area with a locking gate may be a good investment as well. After all, when the dumpster can't even be seen, it's less likely to be a target for any purposes.

With the information here, you can not only understand why you should secure your dumpster, but you also have some ideas to help you get started. The sooner you lock down your dumpster, the sooner you can put a stop to any unauthorized use or other concerns.