What Are The Differences Between Industrial And Residential Propane Gas Providers?

If you need to purchase propane gas for your business, then you might not think the process will be terribly different from purchasing propane for household use. Because of this, you might just be thinking about calling the same propane supplier that you call when you need to have your household tank filled up so that you can heat your home for the winter. Although there are a lot of similarities, however, it might be smart for you to look for an industrial propane gas supplier in particular. These are some of the differences between these suppliers and suppliers who primarily work with residential customers.

They Often Have More Propane on Hand

Believe it or not, if you try to purchase your propane from a residential provider, you might find that they will not have enough propane on hand to meet your needs. After all, you will probably need to buy it in a much bigger volume than a residential customer would need to buy it in. If you buy from an industrial supplier, then there is a good chance that they will have ample propane on hand, so they should be able to fulfill your orders when you need them to. This is a good thing since you might really rely on the propane, so you will need a supplier that you can count on to provide you with propane when you need to place an order.

They Might Have Bigger Trucks

Not only do industrial propane gas providers often have plenty of propane on hand for their industrial customers, but they also typically have much bigger trucks, too. This is because they often need to deliver much more propane at one time. You should be able to count on your industrial propane supplier to come and deliver all of the propane that you need in just one trip, saving you money on delivery fees and making things much faster and more convenient.

They Might Offer Much Lower Rates

When you are purchasing a large amount of propane that might be needed to power equipment and more in your industrial facility, you could stand to spend a lot of money each month. If you are able to find a propane supplier that will provide you with a discounted rate for buying so much propane at one time, your company could save a lot. Fortunately, you might find that an industrial supplier will offer much lower rates for propane than a residential supplier.