Reasons To Have Your Own Well Drilled Even If You Live In The City

There are several reasons to consider having your own water well drilled even if you have access to city water. While a well is a necessity if you live in the country, it is still nice to have as your only water source or as a supplemental water source when you live in the city. Here's why.

Well Water Is Filtered By Nature

As long as your well isn't contaminated, and you'll want to test your well water periodically to make sure it's not, then you'll enjoy natural water that isn't treated with harsh chemicals to disinfect it. City water usually contains chlorine and fluoride along with other possible contaminants. Plus, city water has to travel a long way from its source through pipes that may be decaying or contaminated before it reaches your home. Your well is right on your property so you can draw it up from the ground and drink it. You may find the taste is much better than city water, too.

Well Water Is Free

You have to pay to have the well drilled and you have to pay for ongoing maintenance, so a well isn't free. However, the water you draw from doesn't cost anything. If you plant a large garden, or like to irrigate your lawn frequently, you probably use a lot of water, and that affects your water bill. If you have an outdoor swimming pool, that can use a lot of water too. While you don't want to waste water needlessly, when you have your own well, you can use it for all your needs without worrying about how much it's going to cost you.

Well Water Is Dependable

When you have your well drilled, the contractor will choose the perfect spot so you'll have a supply of water for many years. This can give you peace of mind that you're not dependent on the city for your water. If you lose your job and can't afford to pay a high utility bill, you won't have to worry since you own your water supply and it's free. You won't be affected if a city water main bursts or if the city contaminates its water supply. If you're interested in survival methods for events that could take down the grid or cause social upheaval that disrupts services, you'll at least have water as long as you have a well and a way to get water out without electricity.

Having your own water well drilled is worth a closer look if you want to live more independently and control your water source. The initial cost is worth it when you want natural water for your family that isn't treated with chemicals and potential contaminants. Contact companies like East Wichita Well & Pump, which can help you get started with your very own well.