4 College Minors That Can Lead To Various Injection Molding Career Opportunities

College students seeking a career as an injection molder often focus on engineering as their main major. Engineering classes can help teach the basic functions of injection molders and how they operate on a daily basis. Along with the basic engineers, there are many different types of careers associated with the industry. To help prepare you for different types of job opportunities, you can expand your knowledge and preparation with college minors. The following four types of minors can enhance your degree and give you a variety of job options within the industry. Once you are taking these minors, you can work with recruiters for injection molders to find a career that fits your training and knowledge.


Along with working hands-on in the injection molding industry, there are plenty of careers available outside of the main production warehouses. Pair your engineering knowledge with a marketing minor to help promote the industry as a whole. Through marketing minor courses, you will learn about traditional advertising, digital advertising, and creating a presence in the world of social media. These courses can be used to work in the marketing department of an injection molding company. A job recruiter can use your college resume to help you find a position like a social media coordinator and strategist. This position requires you to run various social media accounts and reach out to potential customers for the business. There are many other marketing careers to look for that can highlight your knowledge and provide you with a stable career.

Computer Technology

Technology is constantly going through a cycle of upgrades and changes. Keep your computer knowledge up to date by minoring in computer technology. The courses will help you have a solid foundation of computer knowledge. This can help open up a variety of job opportunities in the injection molding industry. Computer operations, typists, or even hardware installations and repair are just a few of the positions available to you. The exact career opportunities will depend on whether you focused more on hardware or software development for the computers.


If you're looking to move up quickly through the ranks of an injecting molding career, then you should understand how to manage multiple employees, figure out schedules, and run various payroll operations. An accounting minor can help you with these situations. By learning advanced math in accounting, you can help establish the knowledge to work as a supervisor in an injection molding plant. Recruiters for injection molders can help match you with various supervisor careers that allow you to guide employees and run business operations on a daily basis. An accounting minor will help you budget and stay within proper costs for a variety of projects. It can help companies save money and showcase great job skills that can be used for years to come.

Environmental Science

All types of industries are looking for ways to go green, reduce waste, and improve the efficiency of various operations. By taking an environmental science minor, you can seek a variety of jobs in the injection molding industry. This includes quality control and inspection boards. The positions will allow you to use environmental science knowledge to make suggestions on improvements for various operations and injection molding processes. When working with different molds, you can explore a variety of materials and recycling processes that can improve the way waste is handled. As you move up through the ranks and find careers like a production manager, this knowledge can be very valuable and be used for years to come within various positions.

As you look to sign up for various minors, you can also consider taking multiple minors at once. This can really expand your experience and give you an impressive resume as you seek a job for the first time.